Re: Onan shuts down under load without shutdown codes

Mark Pitt

I installed a new flow sensor that I had in my spares.  I also replaced the impeller.  The existing impeller did not look too bad but it appeared that one vane had adhered to the impeller hub, perhaps from overheating.  I opened the cooler and found no obstructions. I also examined the hose segments from the raw water pump to the cooler and found no obstructions.

I then ran the generator under a load of 13.5 amp.  When the engine block temperature reached 103C degrees, I shut the generator off.  The exhaust elbow never topped 52C degrees.  So this appears to be a problem on the cooling side.  The cooler itself is a less than two year old "Mr. Cool" that has been in service for at least 600 hours without problem. When I put the boat away for the winter last October, there was no hint of problem.  I fully winterized it at the time.


Mark Pitt
Sabbatical III, SM #419, Rhode Island, USA

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