Re: Anchor washing pump model

Michael & Robyn

Hi Slavko,

we have the same issue that the dc motor seems to have a short and pops the circuit breaker. I checked the brushes and they are clean and in good shape.
Our pump looks just like yours. Our Label isn't readable either, but somewhere in the forum I found a reference that is is an AMFA A66B, which kind of matches the label of ours with good will.
The DC motor can probably be replaced with a standard DC motor.
I am in the US and we are replacing ours with a PENTAIR SHURFLO PRO BLASTER II 4258 24V pump.
It isn't installed yet. I had to get NPT thread fittings hose barbs for 3/4" (19mm) hose. However it seems AMEL installed a 7/8" (22mm) hose. The fittings are all plastic and do not look as robust as the bronze fittings on the AMFA pump. It seems the AMFA A66B pump was also used as fresh water pump.
See the excellent documentation from nikimat:

In your picture it looks like the pump is not mounted on its socket with the rubber dampers any more.
Will keep you posted how our project goes.
Michael & Robyn


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