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To slide the galley refrigerator out do the following:

1. Open the lazarette hatch for the bilge storage area that is in front of the nav station.
This is the fore and aft hatch just at the bottom of the companionway.
2. Reach in through the just opened hatch towards the port side and you should be
able to feel a knurled knob that holds down the floor panel that is in front of the fridge.
3. Once you release this knob you can push the floor panel upwards and remove it.
This effectively exposes a tray like set of wooden runners upon which the fridge slides
forward after you release the knob under the sink that you describe below. You may
or may not need to unscrew the wooden kickpanel on the base of the fridge (two
wood screws).

The small hole in the bottom of the fridge should attach to a drain hose that joins
a drain hose from the freezer tray at the top of the fridge and the co-joined hose
should lead to the main bilge drain beneath the companionway steps. The hose is
most likely plugged or kinked downstream from the conjoined "Y" and thus water
from the freezer tray backs up through the lower hole.

As for your other fridge/freezer, take up the panel over the compressor just to
the port side of the freezer. You remove this panel by taking off the back
cushion and the seat cushions and the panel is velcoed in place. You
will see the freezer compressor. It has a set of LED lights that give error codes
related to the freezer and its control circuitry. You will have to look up the
instruction manuals online if you don't have hard copies to interpret those codes.

If there aren't any lights, get your multimeter out again and look for voltage at
the freezer. Again, no inline fuses that I know of.

Good Luck, Gary

Amel SM 335

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