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No problem. This is what this forum is best at.

While you have that floor panel in front of the fridge out, open the cover to the fresh
water tank by loosening the two nuts on the exposed bolts and drop (not
literally) the tank access panel downward and remove it so as to inspect your
fresh water tanks. Good to see how clean the water looks and you also get a look
at a couple of the keel bolts in the bottom of the tank. Vacuum up any lint, dust or
other detritus prior to opening this panel so it won't fall into the tank.

This is one of three access panels : (one under the fridge, this one you just opened
in front of the fridge, and one that I haven't opened further forward, perhaps
under the washer or the fridge/freezer). Inspect your tank and see if it needs to
be cleaned and/or sanitized with Chlorox.

If you sanitize your fresh water tanks follow the instructions on the Chlorox
bottle for the amount to use. I put the Chlorox in as I fill the tank completely
full so that the ceiling of the tank gets treated as well. I usually swirl the water as the
tank fills so all sections of the tank will get treatment. I let it sit for an hour or
so, then pump all the water out thru the various faucets and taps. Make sure that
MEMBRANES. To prevent that, empty all the treated sanitized water and flush
all lines with non-chlorinated water. Lastly have a carbon block filter installed
on the flush line to the desalinator membranes prior to using the flush.

All that is off topic but since you were there.


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Thanks, Gary,
I told you guys I was going to need some hand-holding.  I guess this all seems pretty basic to you "old salts".  I get it...I'll let you know what I find.
Kristy SM243

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