Sand Blasting

Patrick McAneny

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I intended to have by boat sandblasted , I paid for it ,but they did something different,maybe better. I went to see what progress had been made on repairs . The bottom paint ,several layers was mostly gone ,with maybe a half thin coat still attached to the hull. I was confused ,since I expected it to be blasted down to the gel coat . What they did was to use a 5000 psi powerwasher with a rotating turbo head which blasted most of the paint off . I missed that part ,but while I was there a workman used a 7" orbital sander with 60 grit to take it the rest of the way down to the gel coat. He did a 20 sq. ft. area in about 15 minutes . So it should take about 9 hrs of sanding. What he did looks perfect and no concerns for damage to the gel coat. 
Just thought I would put this out there, as another option to sand or soda blasting
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