Re: Wifi extenders and the bonding system

Scott SV Tengah

Thanks everyone for the comments. It seems the logical way to solve this is to isolate the antenna from anything connected to the bonding system. This is what I intend to do as the case is plastic and the originally intended mount point (the N-connector) is the part that is energized.

Bill is correct that the 54, starting in 2010 (per Olivier) started bonding the rigging also. 

I have tried two different Poe injectors. First is the 220vac - 48vdc one that came with my Alfa Tube 2HP. That is isolated between input and output but I surmise because the n connector of the Alfa is still connected to power, the mast still gets energized. Next I tried the simple passive POE injector using 48v that I got from the 24->48v upconverter. Arno - even if the input-output is isolated, I still think the mast would be energized because the Alfa's N connector is energized. If the output is isolated, it wouldn't show up on the Amel bonding system tester. So the only solution is to mount it using the plastic case and in my case, I'll use hose clamps. 

Finally, I've tested different heights and the masthead location gives me the best signal. We had it on the solar arch for over 2 years and apparently the panels themselves interfered with the signal by being well within the "fresnel zone".

With the Omni Antenna, yes, it does radiate 360degrees horizontally, but with my 8db antenna, there's around a  30degree vertical beam all around. Remembering my 30-60-90 triangles from 8th grade Geometry, that means the antenna's sweet spot will reach hotspots as long as they are further than twice the distance of the mast height (21x2=42meters). I don't anchor that close to the beach bar! :)

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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