OK Gary, here goes:
All the posts in the bus give 24v readings when switch for light as labeled is on, 0v when off. When I disconnected the wires attached to the posts and measured across the two wires from each post, the white wire (clearly marked tricolor) and the red wire marked "blanc" gave a 24v reading when the anchor light breaker was on, and no reading when it was off. I put those two wires on the "blanc" post and now the anchor light is working correctly when its breaker on the 24v panel is on. "Clearly" the white wire goes to the anchorlight and not to the tricolor. I guess they switched them at the masthead? I KNEW the white wire should have been marked "blanc" (-:

The steaming lite (marked "hume") works correctly, as does the forward deck light (marked "projecteur").

Although the tricolor buss post is marked correctly and gives a 24v reading when the tricolor breaker at the 24v panel is on, I couldn't get a reading between the red wire marked "tricolor" and the black wire marked "blanc" when the breaker was on. I was able to get a 24v reading between the red wire and ground, but only a brief 3-4v reading between the black wire and ground that lasted a fraction of a second then dropped to zero. What should I expect if the bulb is burned out?

I also got a 24 v reading when the tricolor breaker was on, between the red tricolor wire and both brown wires that go to the steaming and deck lights, but nothing lit up at the masthead when I connected the red tricolor wire and one of the brown wires to the tricolor buss post. I don't understand why I got a reading when both of those wires are supposed to be DC positive, but since I did have juice between those wires but no tricolor light, I'm guessing that confirms that the bulb is dead, or could it be that there's a wire disconnected at the masthead? If the weather is OK tomorrow I'll go up the mast and see about changing the tricolor bulb.

Any suggested reading about basic marine electrical stuff like this?
Thanks again, Gary.
Kristy SM243.

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Let's start here:

European wiring color codes:

Wire Color = Yellow/Green = Protective earth or bonding wire, goes to rudder zinc.
Wire Color = Blue = AC neutral or DC negative
Wire Color = Brown = AC line voltage or DC positive voltage
Wire Color Red = usually means DC positive
Wire Color Black = usually means DC negative

Use a multimeter and measure DC volts between the various buss posts and a ground
as you turn on and off the various breakers (e.g. tricolor,steaming light, and anchor
light). This will verify that the buss posts are properly labeled.

It really sounds like the wires for the tricolor and anchor lights are swapped and your
tricolor bulb is burned out at the masthead.

" The bus and wiring is all clearly marked, and all red wires are connected to the
appropriately labled posts on the bus."

I don't think you can assume this. Verify it using a multimeter.

" The black wire labeled "blanc" (is that a French thing?)is attached to the same post as
the red one marked "blanc", and the white wire labeled "tricolor" is attached to the
same post as the red one marked the same."

Blanc means white in French. It isn't clear to me if this is the anchor light but Projecteur
is probably the steaming light or possibly the foredeck light. A little detective work
with your multimeter will tell which one.

" There are two unmarked brown wires attached to the posts marked "projecteur" and
"hune"," I don't know what Hune means, I can't find it in any of my dictionaires.

" and all the blue wires and a green one (which runs with the black and white ones) are
all attached to the far starboard post.....whew. Does that sound right to you?"

all the blue wires are DC grounds aka negative and are appropriately tied together.

" are fuses somewhere that could be keeping the anchor light switch ..." No fuses unless
someone has tinkered with the original wiring.

Get your multimeter out, measure between each buss terminal and the ground (negative)
terminal while you cycle the various breakers.

Good Luck. Gary Amel SM 335

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