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Scott SV Tengah


I am not worried about the distant access point's radiation pattern. In almost all cases, it's a simple router like the one you use at home with a low gain antenna. If you look at the link on the previous pic, their radiation pattern is likely similar to a 360deg globe of a 2dbi antenna. 

The simple fact is that I ran a test in a few locations with the new device located on the solar arch, 1/3 the way up the mast on a halyard, 2/3 of the way and then at the masthead. Using and I almost always got better throughput and faster and more stable response times (ping and jitter) from the masthead location. Now if you're rolling 20 degrees side to side at a rolly anchorage, then my 25-30 degree vertical beam may miss the hotspot while rolling, but I probably wouldn't be surfing the net if I'm rolling that much. :) If you're at a marina and the access point is less than 40 meters away, the same problem may exist, but at that range, I'll just connect my computer directly to the access point vs. through the outdoor antenna.

Your Badboy is based on a Ubiquiti Bullet M2HP-Ti. Badboy packages it, calls it marine and charges you a multiple of the actual price. I know this because I had a Wirie Pro which did the same thing with the same Ubiquiti device and charged me even more. BTW the "Ti" stands for titanium but it's really aluminum. And it never worked right as they set it up incorrectly and the external wifi antenna would interfere with the hotspot their LTE router created inside the boat. I tested this by sitting right next to a very close access point with the antenna in the same location (and height) as my computer. Directly connecting with my computer resulted in 5x faster speeds. And the signal to noise ratio was much better on my computer. 

I ended up going from knowing almost nothing about wifi to learning a lot. I ended up setting up taking the Wirie Pro apart and just using the Ubiquiti M2HP-Ti with the stock Ubiquiti AirOS firmware and pairing it to a Mikrotik WaP AC router operating on 5ghz. The latter made all the difference but it took me a year and the help of a VP of Engineering from a well known Silicon Valley company to set it up! Mikrotik's RouterOS is not for non-network pros, I've learned!

Sadly, the Ubiquiti died after 2 years and now I'm looking for the replacement since they're no longer sold. My Ubiquiti and the subsequent Alfa are all connected the same way from the external device, which as you note, has the WAN (wide area network) part of the wifi system to my Mikrotik "inside wifi" system via a Cat7 shielded ethernet cable that delivers both power and data. The Ubiquiti Bullet, Alfa Tube and Mikrotik Groove/Metal 52AC are all connected this way.

The Wirie Pro was put in a Pelican case which was mounted on the arch, so isolated in that manner. I didn't get a chance to test whether the Bullet was case grounded, but now I think about it, the Bullet did show a lot of corrosion on it. Perhaps you can stick a multimeter between an in-operation Badboy/Bullet case and battery pos and battery neg. I'm curious whether you'll see 24+ volts. 

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