Re: Amel 54. Has anyone ever taken the electric diesel tank level meter/sensor out of the tank?

Stefan Jeukendrup

Hi Arno,

I can only tell for my SM2000 #348, hoping that a 54  has a similar solution.
WEMA S2-1170F
It is basically  a resistor divider with reed relays. The float contains a magnet closing one of the reed relays.

I found that the inaccuracy was due to the natural 24V battery voltage changes and the bleeder resistor.
So I put a 12V voltage regulator in series and changed the bleeder resistor value so that there is always a constant 12V on top of the resistor divider.
Then  checked its calibration ( by tank volume/ float position comparison)
It is better now.

Hope this helps you,

Stefan Jeukendrup
sv Malaka Queen
SM2k #348  @ Montenegro

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