Re: Wifi extenders and the bonding system

Arno Luijten

On Wed, Aug 19, 2020 at 05:13 PM, Scott SV Tengah wrote:
Mikrotik has a wifi extender
Hi Scott,

You made me curious about this Microtik product. Having worked with Cisco's Router OS, I'm not so easily scared off by this stuff, but this must be the worst documented piece of hardware ever! It's like having to read the whole phone book for one phone number. So kudos for you that you found a way to get it working. In contrast the Bitstorm Badboy is idiot proof. A build in webserver takes care of your config. It also does NOT support more then one client unless you buy the other toy from them (Called Unleashed), but as I have a proper router with potentially 4 WAN interfaces I don't care. It does require a bit of setup on the router play nicely with the LTE interface but that is fairly easy if you are into that stuff.
It is a bit of a shame they stopped selling it, even with the inflated pricetag. They do not mention isolating the body but with their standard mounting hardware it will be isolated because of it. They do provide you with a SWR analysis of the supplied antenna.

What surprised me, given your results is that the claimed receiver sensitivity of the Mikrotik is -93dB whereas the Badboy claims -96dB (a factor of 2). Transmitting 27dB vs. 36dB.
From my experience the Badboy does connect quite OK most of the time but congestion makes the connection very often almost useless. In Curacao I had a relatively quiet network and could use Netflix without issues. That is something like 2-4 Mb/s if I recall correctly.
I agree that the 5 MHz is mostly useless also because most public WiFi uses 2.4 only



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