Re: Dolphin power 1 battery chargers

Stefan Jeukendrup

Hi Ross,

Appologies for the delay in answering, sailing to Datca now ;-)

The manual is now on the forum under Files, Search, type "Dolphin"


* suggest to ask D. for a manual of your 100A charger, email contact@...

* the solar MPPT settings are important as it does most of the time the final charge cutoff.

The batteries and accessoires of your 24V stack must be exactly the same:

* all battery cables must be in good condition e.g. isolation,  crimping, oxidation

* cables to the battery terminals must be of the same length and cross section.

* suggest to install one or more Victron battery balancers, if not done already


Hope this is helpfull,

Stefan Jeukendrup

sv Malaka Queen

SM2k #348  ~to Turkey

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