Re: Bow-thruster repair at anchor

Germain Jean-Pierre

Hello Charlie,
If I’m not mistaken, the A50 has a different BT. I believe it is made by Sleipner. 

Congratulations on your 50.  

Jean-Pierre Germain, SY Eleuthera, SM007, NZ

On 21/08/2020, at 10:26 AM, Charlie Kopp <ckopp@...> wrote:

Thank you so much for this, Paul. I haven’t been very active on this group yet, but I was lucky to acquire SM#50 in the fall of 2017. I must admit the bowthruster has been quite a black box to me, and your video really helped to demystify it. That’s too bad about the new lid not matching up. Anyway, much appreciated. I hope someday I can add some useful content, too.

Charlie Kopp on SY Cloud Seven SM#50 Seattle WA USA

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