Re: Re-power an Amel Sharki

Matt Salatino

I would have recommended Yanmar, for parts and service availability, worldwide. That was before commonrail fuel injection. Now, a lightning strike can leave you with a $10,000 repair bill, besides your boat electronics.
I’d look for a brand that stilluses mechanical fuel injection. I believe Beta Marine ( still does. We repowered with Yanmar before the change. We have several friends who are happy with their betamarine upgrades.


On Aug 22, 2020, at 9:26 AM, Volker <Puchta@...> wrote:

I am planning to replace the original Perkins M50 on my 1989 built Sharki. Is there any advice from the community which are good replacement options and what are potential issues which I have to take care when installing a new engine.
Thank you,
Mickmoon, Sharki no. 176

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