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I believe one answer could be that Amel is moving to off-the-shelf devices, rather than Amel-engineered devices for many things. The following is a list of such moves that I have noticed:
Amel Bow Thruster to Side-Power
Amel Genoa Furler to Bamar to Reckmann to ProFurl
Amel-assembled Main outhaul and furling motor assembled to a gearbox to a one-piece motor assembly
Amel-made freshwater level to off-the-shelf tank tenders
Amel-made breaker panels to off-the-shelf panels

I am sure the list is much longer. I believe it makes perfect sense. Many of these devices were not available for Amel to purchase when Amel decided to include them in their boats, or at the very least, what was available did not satisfy Captain Amel. Thus the Amel made and/or engineered devices. Today we have a different situation with what is available. Also, I assume that Amel realizes that the ethical liability to maintain and supply parts and replacements for in-house engineered, assembled, or made devices require a sizeable investment. Bottom Line is I totally understand Amel's movement to off-the-shelf devices and components.

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On Sun, Aug 23, 2020 at 9:45 AM Denis Foster <deniswfoster@...> wrote:
What I meant is that Selden has had for many years a Mainsail hydraulic furling and outhaul in the boom.

And now they are selling a synchronised electric system for mainsail furling. I understood it uses load measuring to adapt the outhaul to the in mast furling.


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