Re: Re-power an Amel Sharki

Denis Foster


I agree about the more robust system is mechanical injection found on old engines or still made for the non recreational market.

Besides the pollution compliance the main advantage is that the engine runs better even if under loaded which is quite common with modern sailboats that are often « overpowered ». The mechanical injection pump is tuned for around 70-80% load. At the 20% 30% load it is usually feeding to much fuel with the risk of glazing. Some mechanics advise running at near maximum load every ten hours for around 30minutes. AKA « Italian tuning ».

Modern common rail doesn’t need that apparently anymore.

These electronic diesel injectors can be all electronic or hydraulic electronically regulated. Both are sensible to lightning strike.

Once a mechanical diesel has started it only needs clean fuel and air to work. Very robust and reliable.


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