Re: A question to the hive mind re Amel 54 (Sleipner side power) Bow thruster capacitor please.

Porter McRoberts

Mark. Thank you. 
Interestingly. The US contingent got back to me. They suggested the part was a heat sensor and sent a photo. The photo they sent was similar to what I have, but suffered in that it had an additional wire connection that then fed back to a relay. The part they showed me we do not have. 

I like safety features, however this scenario like engines, I’d rather ruin an engine saving the ship than ruin the ship saving an engine. 

I use the thruster when I can’t maneuver with the rudder and as sparingly as possible. 

There evidently is a sidepower outfit here in Tahiti. I’m going to ask them to have a look, if covid doesn’t stop us!  

Thanks again


Porter McRoberts 
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On Aug 23, 2020, at 5:08 AM, Mark & Debbie Mueller <brass.ring@...> wrote:

Very recently I had an opportunity to get familiar with our Sleipner bow thruster.  No such part was in the unit.
Mark Mueller
Brass Ring  A54

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