Re: Mainsail jammed when furling on A54

Courtney Gorman

Hi David it the problem is occuring only when slightly off the wind try pointing into the wind before furling that may help.  I've had similar issues with both the main and mizzen it seems to come and go keeping the sheet tight helps pull down the boom keeping the sail vertically tight while furling I think this helps also

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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Mainsail jammed when furling on A54


It's confession time and a request for advice/tips.

A week ago, for the first time ever I managed to jam the mainsail when furling it (somewhere around the first batten).  It was impossible to free the sail there and then but fortunately I was able to find shelter nearby, anchor, go up the mast and work it loose by hand.  At the time I put this down to lack of attention and over confidence and cursed myself. 
Two days later after a good sail upwind (15-20kts apparent), I started furling the main, this time watching VERY carefully, I saw creases appearing around the first batten so unfurled and tried again with the same result.  Being really nervous of a repeat episode I unfurled and carried on sailing and finally furled, without a problem, when in sheltered water. In all cases I was going upwind, maybe 10-30deg off the wind.

I'll confess this incident has been a big knock to my confidence, having a jammed, partly furled main in heavy weather is a worrying thought. I previously had a Super Maramu and never once experienced any problem like this, not even a hint of it.  Is the critical difference the vertical battens in the 54's main? 
Does anyone else have experience like this, more importantly can anyone offer advice/tips on furling the main on an A54 please.

David Crisp
SV Wilna Grace
Amel 54 #58

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