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Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer

Hi David and all others experienced Amel furlers…

your description seems too familiar. We've been having problems with our main and mizzen for the past 3 years, just like you described. We had a blocked main in Greece at the Meltemi where we couldn't get out or roll in and it wasn't really fun. But a must have experience with our A54. We had to roll back and forth in small steps, and the fuse blew out several times, because the outhaul and the furler motor were overloaded. We had to pull out the main with a rigger and we were messed up. We took out all the battens and also closed the pockets. Also we exchanged the bungee strings inside the booms, the support the topping lift. But that all didn't help much, the HydraNet sail was 10 years old and not in the best shape. It is important that you keep the outhaul better in tension and also that you roll up in the counter clockwise direction, i.e. from right to left. Then, in my experience, the sail runs better into the furling chamber. The wind should come in about 30° from starboard. But actually we always had the fright that blocks something again, we get into trouble again and don't trust the sails. We had a new mizzen and mainsail made by Incidences Sails in La Rochelle, this is the OEM for AMEL, new technology and outstanding quality, brand new soft HydraNet and WITHOUT battens and bags. These new sails cannot be compared with the old ones, that's how soft they slip in the mast. But it is the ultimate solution, also for your account. But safety and easy sailing does not count in money.

Just my two cent.

„Soleil Bleu“ A54#088

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For me I find the furler is faster than the outhaul so I slack it a little first then run at the same time watching for too much tension in the sail

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Hi All,

It’s dumb (but short) question time regarding furling an Amel in general.   Are the furler and outhaul geared to use simultaneously? or is it an alternating actuation type maneuver in which case it seems there is often intermittent ‘slack’ created in the sail.  It seems on Liesse sometimes simultaneous activation works really well but at other times it causes too much tension on the foot of the sail for the furling motor so have to use the outhaul and furler alone in an alternating manner.  


Dave Bruce

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Hi David;
You already have great advice from others.
One item I can add is, just like when reefing,  or if we are in a situation that we cannot point straight into the wind, we make sure we are within 50 degrees of the apparent wind, so we can continue sailing under genoa or staysail, sheet out the main until the main starts to luff, place some tension on the outhaul, keep the boom close to 90 degrees to the mast, watch the main luff carefully from the helm and reef. This way we have plenty of time and are not rushed because we are under power and sailing.
We have, as I believe most others, jammed the main at least once as we became familiar with our new adventure machine. In our case, the first time it was jammed was by the broker, on the first test sail. Although, in some cases, the jam seemed almost impossible to unravel from the helm, it can be done through patience and slow furl and unfurls. You will need to have a fair amount of tension on the outhaul and work the furler in very small increments back and forth. If at sea and heavy conditions, first adjust the head sail so that the boat is sailing comfortably and safely with minimal heel, so you have plenty of time to focus on the main, without rushing or being concerned about anything else.
Happy Sailing;
Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
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It's confession time and a request for advice/tips.

A week ago, for the first time ever I managed to jam the mainsail when furling it (somewhere around the first batten).  It was impossible to free the sail there and then but fortunately I was able to find shelter nearby, anchor, go up the mast and work it loose by hand.  At the time I put this down to lack of attention and over confidence and cursed myself.  
Two days later after a good sail upwind (15-20kts apparent), I started furling the main, this time watching VERY carefully, I saw creases appearing around the first batten so unfurled and tried again with the same result.  Being really nervous of a repeat episode I unfurled and carried on sailing and finally furled, without a problem, when in sheltered water. In all cases I was going upwind, maybe 10-30deg off the wind.

I'll confess this incident has been a big knock to my confidence, having a jammed, partly furled main in heavy weather is a worrying thought. I previously had a Super Maramu and never once experienced any problem like this, not even a hint of it.  Is the critical difference the vertical battens in the 54's main? 
Does anyone else have experience like this, more importantly can anyone offer advice/tips on furling the main on an A54 please.

David Crisp
SV Wilna Grace
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