Re: Mainsail jammed when furling on A54

Craig Briggs

Hi Dave,
Furler and outhaul do turn at the same (no load) rpm's with their identical 70:1 Bonfiglioli reduction gears and constant speed motors (on our SN's), but as the main furls out the diameter of the rolled up sail gets thinner so less sail comes out with each revolution whereas the outhaul with its fixed diameter drive pulley goes in and out at a fixed pace. Hence one needs to manually match speeds by intermittently releasing the switches, depending on which is going faster.  Main rolls up faster and faster as it is furled in because the thickness of roll gets fatter and the outhaul doesn't keep up so you need to compensate with the furling switch, Vice versa on setting the sail.  Plus wind pressure will affect speed. So, yes, one needs to work with toggling both switches on and off to get a smooth operation. Practice makes perfect.
Cheers, Craig - SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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