Re: Mainsail jammed when furling on A54

david bruce

Thanks James, Craig and Courtney,   Makes perfect sense and certainly accounts for the variability in furler/outhaul ratio/speed.  Sort of a joystick pas de deux.  Now the hard part if is getting to the boat to perfect the dance.  Thanks again for the input.  Best,  Dave

On Aug 24, 2020, at 3:05 PM, Alan Leslie <s.v.elyse@...> wrote:

I agree Kent.
Elyse has vertical battens on both main and mizzen.
30-40 degrees to the wind, preferably stbd tack, boom 90 degrees to the mast.
We have marks on both sheets to enable positioning of the booms correctly before furling.
No problems
Elyse SM437

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