Amel Club

Joerg Esdorn

Seeing yesterday's post by Bill Rouse  of the Amel article about runners reminded me that some of you might not know about the Amel Club website which contains that article as well as many other useful ones.  The focus of the website is the A55, A64 and A54.  I received an email from Amel about the club in 2016 when I bought my A55 but I suspect not all current owners of A55s and A54s may know about the club.  Here is the link to the website  You can change the language to English and most articles are bi-lingual.   I also attach copies of some of the articles on the website which I downloaded because I thought I might find them useful sometime.  I hope those help but they may have been updated since I downloaded them and there are probably others.  Cheers!

Joerg Esdorn
A55 #53 Kincsem
Vigo, Spain

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