Re: Running back stays on A54

Arno Luijten

The way my running backstays are rigged seems fairly handy to me.

The backstay is made from aramide/kevlar sheet with extreme little stretch. When not in use the sheet comes down from the mast to a little piece of string tied to the end of the Genua-rail ( see picture1). Originally it was just tied, but I put an old fashioned hanking hook from an old jib to the piece of string so I can click it over the backstay. Storing it like this means it is out of the way when walking on the side-deck.

From there the backstay runs to the back of the boat to a block at the same place as where the Genua-sheet turning block resides. See picture 2 (best I have)

Directly after the block there is a knot in the backstay, so it cannot escape the block.
When you want to use the staysail in stronger winds (12+ knots) you unhook the hanking hook and pull the knot at the end of the backstay untill you can use the tail to put it on the small winch. Pull the backstay tight with a little tension on it, using the winch. Now  you can deploy the staysail. The sheet for the staysail will use the winch at the other side so there is no conflict at winch utilization. You don't use the lee-side backstay as it can/will rub the main sail.

Hope this is clear....


Arno Luijten
SV Luna

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