Re: Mainsail jammed when furling on A54

Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer

Hi, Laurens,

we have long thought about which sailmaker is suitable for us.In the end, we decided on Incidences, because they took over all original cuts of the predecessor company Demme and are also internationally one of the top sailmakers also in the French racing scene. They are still the OEM for Amel which is important for us. Also as a European manufacturer in France. At the boat show in Düsseldorf we had long discussions with the specialists from Incidence and again decided to use cruising sails made of Hydranet Triradial. They explained to us that with today's material the sail can be cut a little bit bigger than the original and still remain sturdy profile without battens through the fabric.  For this we negotiated a special price at the fair. In another Amel friend with the almost same 54 (from 2008) had just as much trouble furling and ordered new sails online. It was not as expensive but he is not as happy with it as he had imagined.
To your question: the previous sails had only caused us trouble, also because they didn't have a sturdy profile anymore, and without battens it was just too baggy. There was no performance to think about. This year we didn't have the opportunity to test the new sails in practice because of the covid situation, but the easy furling into the mast alone is a great relief for us and when rolled out the sails stand very well and let us hope for a much better performance than before. In case of doubt, problem-free handling and safety is far more important to us than performance. We are cruisers and not racers, the time is over.

Hope this helps.
Happy sailing and stay safe.

„Soleil Bleu“ A54#088

Hi Ulrich,

We’re getting also more problems with a jammed main. Probably it’s because the sails getting older and more out of shape (like most of the skippers 😜). We’re also planning new sails. Sailing with your new Incidences sails was there a drop in speed compared to your main with battens ?

Laurens Vos
Fun@Sea  - A54 -092 

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