Mainsail outhaul on 54

ngtnewington Newington

Now I know this idea will be criticised by many but....

I have found that the electric motor for the outhaul on the mainsail is less powerful than I would like. It is fine in light winds but in heavy airs after reefing I often need just a bit more outhaul. I have to completely de-power the main to set the outhaul and then sheet in. This if fine and it works, but in really strong winds that motor just would not have the grunt.
So my idea is to fix a single pulley to the aft side of the outhaul and run the line through that and back to the Aft end of the boom instead of it terminating at the outhaul car.
This would give 2:1 purchase on the outhaul. Obviously when setting and putting away the sail one would need to do more outhaul button pushing than foil rolling.
I believe this would be an improvement and would only cost one block and 15m of 10mm dyneama and an easy experiment to try.
Has anyone tried this?

S/Y Amelia
AML 54-019
Lakki, Leros GR

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