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Patrick McAneny

In a previous post about a month ago I asked if any owners would like to join in a group buy of new rub rail inserts. I had several responses ,a few from as far as Australia to the Med. I urged them to contact Maud at Amel about purchasing directly from Amel ,as it would probably as cheap or probably cheaper shipping from France . The only reason I decided to have the inserts produced in the US was to save the shipping cost overseas ,which due to the size and weight was going to be approx. $1,600. not including duty. I believe we should support Amel sales when possible. I am pretty sure Amel has the inserts produced by a third party and sells them at a small mark up ,as I was unable to have them produced here any cheaper,actually about the same exact price. The only one making money is the shipping /airlines companies.
Before I and the other owners in the group buy, place our orders ,I thought I would report back to the group now that we have the insert produced to announce a (Last Call ),to see if any other owners would like to join us in purchasing new inserts.
Craig on an SN and I on a SM have both received a two foot sample of the new inserts. We both agree that it is virtually a exact copy of the original ,we both installed it on our boats and it fit perfectly . It is produced in South Florida in a very slightly off white and will be shipped from Miami. The cost is $8.90 /ft. plus approx. $128.00 for the die,which will be reduced by more buyers. For a SM that would be approx. $934. + $128. = $1,062. plus shipping to your destination. I estimated my shipping ,east coast US approx. $200.00
Apparently on newer models of the SM Amel changed the insert somewhat and I cannot say if what we have produced will or will not fit or replace the newer design. Our insert gutter is rounded ,the newer design is sort of more square. I am enclosing pictures of the sample of the new white insert as well as a cross section of my original insert for you to compare against what you now have. This production run is only possible because we have a number of buyers , this purchase is a one off ,so if you are in or close to the US and would like to replace your old inserts ,please contact me direct at sailw32@... . If you are outside of the U.S., I would urge you to contact Maud at Amel to make your purchase. I will wait until Sept. 5 for addition orders ,then the final order will be placed.
Thank You,
Pat McAneny
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