Re: Running back stays on A54

Oliver Henrichsen, SV Vela Nautica


It is to be prefered to fix the backstays like David shows on his picture at the cleat or just at the same piont like the gib. 
As we already got a backstay we are staticaly better up when the backstay attaches as far latteral as possible. 
The backstay is supposed to compensate latteral forces of the staysail. 

Oliver from Vela Nautica 

On Wed, Aug 26, 2020, 17:10 Sv Garulfo <svgarulfo@...> wrote:
On Garulfo, we have a variation of Arno’s solution with a knot instead of the hook and a small block to lead the tie (black and white in the pic) back to a cleat near the cockpit.

Raiatea, French Polynesia 

On Wed, 26 Aug 2020 at 09:51, Laurens Vos <laurensrineke@...> wrote:

Hi Arno,

Thanks for sharing your solution regarding the backstays.
Will try it out. But even with this solution one need to still go out the cockpit to unhook the hanging hook. 

Bill’s solution could be also working well but I’m afraid there will be too much stretch to give the mast a good support. 

Laurens Vos 
Fun@Sea A54-92

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