Re: Galley refrigerator not cooling

Gerhard Mueller

I have had the same problem after a long hot weather period. My fridge has 2 compartments, one for freeze goods (-18 °C) and one normal goods (0-5 °C) but one compressor for both.
The normal cooling compartment becomes too warm (about +20°C) and the compressor was getting hot. The freeze compartment was still at -15°C. All this is a sign of too less cooling liquid (R134a).
So I ordered a refrigeration service who refilled a little bit R134a liquid and it worked again as it should.
You can do it yourself if you have the correct equipment and a bottle of R134a or other refrigerant your fridge has.
If however your cooling system might have a leak and all refrigerant is gone first the leak must repaired. There are chemicals available to detect leaks.
Then before refilling the cooling system it must be evacuated with a vaccum pump. A service kit together with a vacuum pump is not very expensive:
When sailing in areas where is no service man available it is worth to buy such a kit.

Gerhard Mueller
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