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Barry Connor

Hi Paul, 
We are still in Le Marin. Went to the shop upstairs above Caraibe Marine and bought a new fridge door opening latch. The big French man in the shop was nice and recommended the all stainless steel latch instead of the original latch which was part plastic. (The plastic part had broken).His price was the same as advertised online from UK supplier. Easy install by me.
Is this possibly who you are referring to as we are thinking of asking him to check our fridge gas pressure? The gas pipe at the back is freezing up and dropping water on top of the water tank inspection port, then the water runs to under the stair. Mopping it up each morning. Think I have too much gas in the system. I have already Re-claged the pipe in insulation but still freezing up.
Please let me know if you think this is the same man?
We contacted Driftwood about our windscreens but can’t get to Granada, still stuck in Martinique. Thank’s for the contact.
Very Best 

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Yes, that’s exactly what happened to me in Le Marin and I fell for it




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You need to be very careful when cleaning your fridge.  If you get the ice off the plate with something that could puncture the gas lines within the plate, this is not being very careful.  One of my fridges was not working, and actually found a honest refrigeration guy in Tahiti.  He said, yeah I could change some parts, but I don't think that's the problem.  The quick connect links (that only cost a few dollars) usually go bad, so let's change them and fill up back up and run it.  It worked!  Paid for an hour of time, little bit of gas, and two quick connect gaskets...  Still working 2.5 years later....  All for less than $100 dollar bill.  

Now, if you were in Le Marin. there's a 6' 2" French guy that will tell you you need a new refrigerator and installation which cost only $3500.


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