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The next step is to get an electrician on the boat ASAP. Your problem is likely that some 220 volt AC device is wired wrong and is sending 220 volts through the earth/bonding system (yellow/green wire). This can be serious. If this is happening when disconnected from shore power and not running the generator, somewhere in the inverter installation is the problem.

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Hi all,
For some time now, when I operate the windlass, either from the control in the cockpit or using the switch on the windlass, I have received a significant electric shock if I touch either the shrouds or the guard rail (wet deck, bare feet). I've already called an electrician to no avail (actually for a very quick and superficial check) and I think, at this point, I need the help of the  Amel community.

Keeping in mind that I am practically illiterate in terms of electrical systems, is there anyone who can tell me, step by step, which checks I need to do and in what logical order?

Thank you all 

Paolo Cuneo 
SM 454 Whisper 
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