Re: Electric shock from the windlass

Craig Briggs

Hi Paolo,
I see Bill Rouse has assumed you are getting a 220v AC shock whereas I assumed it to be 24v DC. Are you running the generator (or connected to shore power) when you get this shock.
If you are running the generator and you've got 220v AC in the rigging and rails, then you might not want your crew to do the testing, but, instead, get an electrician post haste. If you are not running the generator, go back to my advice.

Added thought: If you are running the generator when this happens, try turning it off (and unplugging from shore if you are plugged in) and see if you still get the shock (a 24v shock only tickles - won't kill like 220v). That would eliminate it being a 220v failure. Odds are this is indeed a 24v fault with an easy fix of cleaning up the connectors. 

Let us know.
Craig  -  SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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