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Yes, I have seen it. In each case it was traced back to blasting with sand, media and/or very high high water pressure. Yard workers love to crank the pressure up high enough to remove "barnacle glue," rather than scrape.

I do not know that this is what you have. 


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On Sat, Aug 29, 2020, 11:11 AM Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...> wrote:
I would love to get new rub rails inserts, but stuck in Thailand, and will not get close to the Caribbean for WHO knows when. Currently re-gelcoating the Rub Rail, and Gel Coat for the red boot stripe.  Also sanded Aquarius' bottom down to gel coat.  And, 100 blisters appeared.  I was so scared when I saw all the little bumps, and the person that sanded Aquarius down showed me that it was osmosis by opening one up with a knife.  YUP, osmosis, you can smell it.....  But, how could this be, I have never heard of an Amel with Osmosis.  So, the painters thought that it was going to be a big job, but in the end the osmosis didn't penetrate past the first layer.  So, no big deal!  Fixed all 100 spots in about 4 hours of work.  YES..

The bottoms on Amel's are really bullet proof!

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Stuck in Thailand

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