Re: Electric shock from the windlass

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Hi Paulo,
You really need to make sure this is not a 240v AC problem as that is dangerous.
Turn off the inverter
Disconnect the shore power
Do not run the generator

Then see if you still have the problem.
If you do then it is serious and potentially life threatening. Get an electrician immediately.

If not then it is on the 24v side; not dangerous to life and limb but is likely to be damaging to the sea water exposed fittings, like propeller, skin fittings etc.

Then it is a question of figuring it out. If you use a professional it could be expensive as it may take a long time. It took me a week to find a “Masse leek” ! Maybe 20 hours of testing testing thinking testing.....

so I suggest you either open your wallet or your mind.

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On 29 Aug 2020, at 00:09, PAOLO CUNEO <> wrote:

Hi Craig,
Thanks for your prompt reply. I will try that as soon as I am back on board.
For testing, I have little hope with the crew. They had already mutinied when I asked for volunteers to experiment the extent of the problem and I had to do it myself
Paolo Cuneo

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Inviato da iPad

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