Re: SM2 Roller Reefer Guide Rods

Craig Briggs

Hi Dave,

While it could be a jammed swivel, it is absolutely the classic pretzel you get by furling the genoa without removing the balooner halyard and its releasing "mouse" from the furling extrusion. I did it a few times early on when I would lower the balooner, forget all about the halyard and mouse still being in place while I bagged the sail. Then I'd furl in the Genoa. Oops, another pretzel! 

It's amazing how much torque the furler has. As I recall, I think I stopped doing that after three pretzels. And I tried to change procedures to remove the halyard/mouse immediately, although that's hard if you're doing it single handed. 

By the way, that will also really stress the rivets holding the furling extrusion onto the furler and there have been many posts here about those holes becoming enlarged and/or rivets breaking.

So, don't forget your mouse.

Craig,  -  SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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