Re: Electric shock from the windlass


hi Craig, Bill, Nick,
I understand from your words that you all seriously care about my safety in case we are talking about 220V AC, and I sincerely appreciate your attention. But no, it never happened to me with the shore power, but only operating the windlass on 24V in some bay for the night. Occasionally I have also had the generator switched on during the anchoring maneuvers, but in the great majority of cases the generator was switched off, so I would feel like excluding 220V. I add that the sensation was more like a burn than the classic shock that can happen to you at home.
I hadn't thought about disconnecting the small inverter that permanently powers the chart table area but I certainly will.
I add a question: I seem to have read somewhere in this forum that, at least on SMs, the rigging and the guardrail (and perhaps also the windlass) are not included in the Amel general bonding system, and I wonder how this can direct my research (or rather , give the correct information to the electrician who I will certainly call).
Bests to you all and thanks for your help

Paolo - SM 454 Whisper, Genoa

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