Re: Electric shock from the windlass

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

Since there is no connection to 240VAC in the windless circuit, I fail to see how toggling the windless switch could result in a 240VAC short?  It is much more likely to be a 24VDC issue, which is not too dangerous.  Measure the voltage with a volt meter, not a crew member!  Unless you have an undesirable crew member,  this could be your lucky day.

If there is a potential(or Voltage) a volt meter should see it.  Stick the negative on you and put the positive on the what ever was shocking you.  You should see movement in the voltage without having to touch the rail and shock yourself.  

I believe Craig is correct.  Remove the back cap off the windless and make sure everything is clean and tidy!  Might want to use some Corrosion X on the motor when you open it up.  I do this to keep corrosion down on the motor housing, just paint the entire motor with CorrosionX.

Aquarius SM262

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