Re: SM2 Roller Reefer Guide Rods

Gary Wells

Happened to us early on as we didn't get the idea that the ballooner/spinnaker halyard has to remain quite tight and well out of the way (aft) of the spinning foil.  A halyard wrap into the genoa will cause the swivel and horns to rotate until you stop furling or the halyard parts.

In my case it was caused by an effort to tack the gennaker.  I figured since the gennaker had to be doused and cleared to the other side we  might as well use the genoa for a while to keep speed.  During the transition, when I was in fact holding on to the spinnaker halyard, it got wrapped up in the genoa as it was being furled and quite literally pulled me up and onto my feet.  Even stopping the furling immediately the horns we now pretzels.  Lesson learned; that spinnaker halyard must be kept tight and aft of the furler so it doesn't get caught in a wrap-up at the top.

sav@... has them in stock as far as I know, and if you choose to have a couple made up at a machine shop, it'll likely be just about the same price as ordering them. 

Almost lastly ... if the 'horns' are installed incorrectly, or if the swivel has lost its bearings or the "Crayon" inside, it can lead to scoring on the foil.  It could also lead to the horns catching onto one of the sail tracks and spinning with the foil.

Lastly, I douse that genoa and inspect and lube that swivel fairly often; two or three times a year.  :)

Hope that helps a little.


Gary W.
SM209, Adagio
Maryland, USA



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