Bilge pump


Hi all,
a bilge pump question on SM8 as our pump has been showing signs of weakness twice in one month. It keeps on pumping but nothing comes out. I've dismounted it but nothing looked wrong or obstructed. Then it worked again for 3 weeks, then failed again. I suspect an air leak, as the pump gasket looks a bit worn. Unfortunately, the safety manual pump doesn't work either.
So, if I have to change this pump, my questions are :
- do you recommend any upgrade or any model? (this one is a 25lt/min // A:4,5 // Rpm:25 // W90 // Serv. S2 // IP22 // I.CI.B// from 2012)
- I've seen an interesting set-up in a Contest Yacht with 2 bilge pumps (in a row?), so that you still have an electric one on if the first one has problems. Have you install this kind of set-up?
- about the manual safety pump, any idea what can be the problem? (i think it has quite never been used, and it may be dry and with an air leak as as well?)
Thank you !

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