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Patrick McAneny

I spoke to Joel ,and Amel installed hard plastic inserts on a half dozen or so boats. They do not have the rounded gutter ,more square . I cannot guarantee that the new insert will fit those few boats , it may very well ,but you would need to determine that. There is a question that there may be a horizontal lip protruding out from the inboard side of the boat under the plastic insert, which boats with the normal insert do not have. I now have nine orders , orders will be taken til  9/5 ,the cut off date ,when the orders will be placed . This will probably be the last chance to participate in a group purchase of a new insert, so  if you live in North America, this is a chance to get a new white insert and save approximately $1,600. on shipping and duty.
If outside of N.A. ,contact Maude at Amel , for an insert ,her price is as cheap as I can produce it for here.
Thank You,
SM Shenanigans

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Hi again, Dave. When you say you've had a couple of cracks in your rub rail inserts, it sounds like you've got a rigid plastic insert.  Eric mentioned that's what he had too. These new inserts are EPDM rubber - not a rigiid plastic and they, by definition, don't crack - they flex.
Nobody has pinned it down definitively, but it seems Amel may have had the rigid plastic at some time. I believe the underlying structure is the same, though, and these new rubber inserts will fit perfectly. Just want you to realize they are flexible rubber, not a hard plastic, 

Cheers, Craig  ---  SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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