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Mike Ondra

Hi Dave,

True confession, I have twice furled the headsail with the ballooner halyard in place.  (I could say I was distracted by difficult “emergency” conditions, but that does not substitute for good seamanship.) Severed the halyard (that furling motor is powerful) AND bent over the guide rods. First time, utilizing some heat, simply bent them back straight. Second time, allowing for metal fatigue, decided to replace them. Picked up two 0.3125”x11” ss rods from OnlineMetals in CT for $2 ea ($7 shipping). Then threaded the end and used a pair of nuts and washers to secure to the swivel. Slipped some tubing over the exposed rod to soften the contact with the mast. Still works 4 years later.  


Aletes SM#240 Rock Hall, MD


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So... I returned to the boat to take a closer look at the roller furling swivel, which is down at deck level since the sail is not hoisted.  The swivel turns freely, with no sign of jamming.  And the ballooner has yet to be hoisted, so that’s not it.  I’m going to fabricate a couple of temporary guide rods (until I can get originals from Amel) and hoist the sail with those.  I still do not feel I have the answer to the bent rods.  I’m just going to watch them more closely.
Dave Kurtz
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