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You had me fooled. Your original post stated Amel 55, and the 55 furling assembly does not have a worm!

I believe that your Amel 54 #19 has the earlier version of the mainsail furling motor and gearbox, similar to the last SMs. I am having difficulty understanding why you would try to remove the worm gear before disassembling the gearbox and removing the spur gear. The spur gear will hold the worm gear in place. Maybe I am not understanding? Anyway, I will post some things here that may or may not help.

Here is a disassembled gearbox similar to yours. You can see the worm gear and understand how the spur holds it in place.
Also maybe this helps:

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On Tue, Sep 1, 2020 at 1:17 PM ngtnewington Newington via <> wrote:
Hi guys, 
I am leaving it overnight soaking in diesel. I tried a puller earlier to push out the shaft but nada.
Tomorrow I will apply heat and the puller. If that fails I guess it will need a press.
I just wonder why it is not a nice snug fit, not as if it is a ball of rust. Maybe if when it finally yields it does not go back in with a gentle tap, I will have it machines down a next timeI can pull it easy as kiss my hand.
Slightly fed up with a day of poor progress.
Amelia Leros

AML 54-019

On 1 Sep 2020, at 20:11, James Alton via <> wrote:


   Assuming that the worm gear and the shaft are both metal...  I would try heating the component  ( I assume this is the worm gear) with the hole to expand it while cooling the other part (the shaft) using ice or whatever you have.   Some gentle tapping might be ok. 

Best of luck,

SV Sueno
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I know this has come up before, but I am servicing the main sail furling motor and worm drive.
It is all well but the top shaft seal should be replaced.
Shaft into the worm gear is very tight. Soaked it in diesel for some hours, hesitant to hit it. Plan to find a press to press it out.
Does anyone have a better idea?
S/Y Amelia
AML 55-019

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