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In my opinion, the biggest issues with a 30 year old Perkins rebuild are:
1.) Too many times only a partial rebuild is done. This can be the fault of the owner or the mechanic. 
2.) Finding the "right" mechanic.
3.) Having the guts to cancel the rebuild halfway into it because new issues are found and either the shop was forced to give a fixed bid, or the owner doesn't want to spend more than X.
4.) Because most parts available today are Chinese, the availability of original parts to do the job will force the use of questionable quality parts.
5.) Even if 1-4 work out  perfectly for you, the same parts availability issue will haunt you after the rebuild. 

I recommend the Beta 85 as the best option available for SMs.


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On Wed, Sep 2, 2020, 2:07 AM Mark Barter <markbarter100@...> wrote:
Thank you all for the really useful information. 

I had thought about a rebuild but a lengthy article on Morgans Cloud convinced me that repowering is the better option. The overall conclusion was that a rebuild can very easily go wrong so that you end up repowering anyway.

With regard to the Beta engine, a lot of people seem to shy away from turbo models. I can see that the 85 is a turbo. Is there any reason to avoid turbos? The Perkins is 30 years old and is a turbo and it seems to be just fine.

Next problem is finding a suitable engineer in Southern Spain. 
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