Re: Super Maramu Repower

Arno Luijten

You may not be "allowed" to put that into a boat. However I doubt if anyone will ever notice it though.
What you may need to consider is the weight of these things. Although virtually indestructible that comes at a weight penalty. Also many of those industrial beasts are direct injection. That makes them very fuel efficient but noisy as hell as well. So if you do extensive motoring at times, just to get to you destination (most of us do) then think about the noise. It is a very personal thing but for me engine noise is really annoying. Vibration may be up as well simply because of the way the diesel ignites in the cylinder.

Indirect injected engines are much more quiet, unless you go common rail and electronic injection. This is the main reason why the world changed to common rail diesel: you get good efficiency of the direct injected and the noise of a indirect injected. Added bonus is less emissions especially with exhaust gas afer-treatment as commonly done in cars now.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna

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