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tony wells

Hi David

Balthazar’s bungees were just changed (part of the preventative maintenance regime!). Nicky Sammut did it but I was off the boat. But Ulrich makes a good point - the nylon bolts were impossible to source in Malta. But because of his work on Amels, your referral, Antoine,  here in Toulon has “hundreds” of them :) So I will bring some when we meet next week. Meanwhile the sikaflex and a couple of salvaged bolts would hold the cover just fine. 

Balthazar A54 #102

On 3 Sep 2020, at 13:26, ULRICH DANGELMEYER <ulrich.dangelmeyer@...> wrote:

Hi David,

we had the same issue on main and mizzen boom.
On the main boom you must remove the cover from outhaul motor under the boom, so you get access to the bungee attachments. But take care, this cover is fixed by some nylon screws, they will be hardened over the time and will break in small pieces if you turn with an screwdriver. So you will need new ones. can also ordered by Maud accordingly you will order a new set of original bungees, which I recommend. Best, you will seal the cover after your works has finished with white plastic sealing , it also covers and protects the new screws from UV.
The original bungees are ready to mount, correct length and power and in OEM quality. No big adventure.

Hope this will help. Stay safe.

„Soleil Bleu“ / A54#088

Am 03.09.2020 um 10:18 schrieb David Crisp <david@...>:

I need to renew the bungee cord in the main boom on my A54.  Can someone explain the technique please.  The only opening which gives access to the bungee is at the leech end of the boom and that’s pretty limited. There is is no opening at the mast end of the boom.
David Crisp
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