Re: Super Maramu Ballooner halyard hook

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Paul,

I think you are correct in that it breaks when sideways load occurs which should not happen if everything is operating as designed. The nylon hook has little tolerance to this loading. In my case it was because the alloy locating tongue for the swivel had worn through. If you read the Amel instructions for ballooner hoisting you will see the need for  very careful positioning of the foil track (and the swivel) which allows the hook to work.  I did not know that this tongue was prone to wear  and had many frustrating hoists of the ballooner when it was more luck than good management that had the halyard lock work. As I prepared for a Pacific voyage from New Zealand another owner made me aware of this small but vital item. But why did it wear through. Another discovery was the fact there is a nylon pencil or crayon in the track that the tongue is entered into. In my case this was missing through all my ownership to this point. Because it had never been there I had no way of knowing it was missing. I shared this information at the time. Until I found this the tongue continued to wear. So again Paul, you are correct and I fixed the symptom not the cause. However, I now have both and I am sure the alloy hook is doing no harm and I am protected from accidental loading. So folks, make sure your tongue and pencil/crayon are both in place and in good repair and enjoy your ballooner.

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SM 299

Ocean Pearl

Mangonui New Zealand

On 03 September 2020 at 23:14 Paul Osterberg <osterberg.paul.l@...> wrote:

Danny why is it breaking in the first place? If one forgot to take down the halyard and then furl, something will brake.! Have you inspect the groove at the top? I ones forgot it and the lashing between the hoke and the halyard broke I was sure I had broken the hook but it came down when sending upp the release slider. 

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