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Porter McRoberts

Thanks Nick!  I appreciate it. Yes. That’s the elbow. They have others in brass here too. They’ve worked up the pump with another brass one. And also used Teflon tape to seal the high pressure threads, I was told not to use Teflon by Dessalator, rather the Locktite 542. Which, when I use, it does not leak. Funny to have high pressure hydraulic fittings on one side, and garden hose variety fittings on the other side, both with the same pressure. 

They guys seem very confident in their assessment on the pump. Lots of other cat pumps lying around adding to the gravitas of their opinion.

I’ll ask them to pressure test to 65 bar. I want a failure in their shop. Not the Tuamotus!  

Good luck with your Haulout. 


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Hi Porter,
When I bought Amelia, the 160 litre per hour 220v watermaker produced a fine mist of salt water. It turned out to be that Brass Elbow between the CAT pump and the pressure bulb that you refer to. There was a small pin hole!
I went to “Watermaker Services” in Antigua and showed him the elbow. He said that fitting is not rated for high pressure and sold me a stainless one for $5. 

Never had a problem since.
By the way he pumped up the bulb with some gas ( can not remember, what gas, nitrogen?) and said it should be pumped up ever couple of years.
I asked him it’s purpose; he told me it was like a cushion or damper for the system when the CAT pump kicks in.
So could be an easy fix...

Amelia in Leros getting ready to haul out and head home.
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Gary et all I’ve read this thread a bunch and it is super helpful. Thanks for all your insights, and others. 

I’ve removed our cat pump several times in the past week and it’s a real bear. Issue: leaking at high pressure from somewhere around the head.

I’ve taken our 160 to a cat repair place here in Tahiti, thinking I found the leak and needed a new head. Long story short, they found a small hole in the brass elbow going up to the blue stabilization bulb. They think that’s the issue. I am skeptical. Since install and removal is several hours and horrible on the back I’d like to know if anyone knows what pressure the pump is rated for, and also what peak pressure I can reasonably expect  to see when running the pump. It seems like 60-65 bar would be that number, aiming for 56-58  

The guys at the shop pressure tested it to 30 bar with no leaks. I am asking them to retest to 60. They say that’s the maximum the pump is rated to. Is that true?  

What Bar is the low end of the green zone, and the high end of the green zone, assuming my guage is accurate, which I suspend mine not to be (we make 200+l/hr still well below the end of the green zone)?  

I’dlike this to be my last trip behind the generator for a while!!!

many thanks to all

Porter McRoberts 
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