Re: Super Maramu Ballooner halyard hook

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

In my humble opinion, I would never use an aluminum halyard hook.  The possibility of breaking more than a halyard hook is just too great.  Instead of breaking a hook, at the price of MAX $80, you could end up with a few thousand $$ in damage.  Amel had a reason for making the hook the sacrificial lamb, and this is one part I would NOT change.  I broke one, and very happy it broke and didn't take down my rig!  I left the halyard on the hook and started to furl, and most of you that broke a hook did the same.  I have never had a problem with a hook, unless I F'd up, and with everything that is going on when you are deploying or retrieving your ballooner..... "There is a possibility of making a mistake!".  So, don't change the hook material!

I ordered 3 Hooks from Maud last year, and though Amel dosen't keep them in stock, I believe you can get them in a few months.  I carry 3 aboard Aquarius.  This way if I meet a friend that needs one, I still have a spare.  That's the good things about the Amel SM...there are about 480 of us that use very similar parts.  If I have something that another Amelian needs to keep going, I am happy to help.  JP needed a filter on SM#007, and after a few beers, he talked me out it!  I think most of Amelians are the same, we help each other.  That's one of the biggest reason I like the Amel SM!

Best to All.

Ken Powers
Aquarius SM2K #262
Still in Thailand...

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