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Hello Bryce,

Too bad you can't get back to SM Seamaster II.  Just heard that Malaysia is closed until "at the earliest" December 31st.  Hope this changes, but that was the latest today.  There are several boats in Thailand trying to get down to Malaysia, but as you know the boarders are all closed.  A friend left Thailand 10 days ago headed to Australia.  He got permission to stop for fuel in Malaysia, and in Indonesia.  They stopped in Langkawi where they got fuel (30% cheaper than fuel in Thailand) also also arranged to pick up some Alcohol, and a SIM card for data while sailing near Malaysia.  Next stop was Belitung Indonesia, where they got fuel (slightly overpriced) and arranged to get some fresh veggies and a SIM card for data while sailing through Indonesia.  

They may, or may not stop in Lombok, where Ray (Owner of Marina Del Ray) sez ALL boat welcome to stop and stay out of the weather!!!  Then when they get to Australia they may have to to the 14 day Q!   

Marinas in Phuket -
Ao Po - Expensive ( About $75US per night for a SM). Plus Elec, and Water.  Nice facilities, but not really the place to get your boat serviced)
Yacht Haven - Expensive (About $75US per night for a SM). Plus Elec, and Water.  Nice facilities). We got some work done here - but was not happy with the work
done by an American "electrician?".  There are some good trades here, but found most trades to be expensive.  They do have a good person to do upholstery here.  This is also far from most of the places that sell boat parts.  You will have to rent a car 800 B per day, which is a great deal.
Phuket Boat Lagoon - VERY EXPENSIVE If you have to ask the price, you don't want to be here.  But, they have all the shops for Marine Equipment here.  Most of the services are based here.  But, over priced!
There is also a Marina in Chalong Pier - Don't know the price, but kind of a dump.  Should just anchor off the pier when you arrive, and dinghy into the Marina to check in to Thailand.  Depending on the weather when you arrive, anchor off the small island Ko Lon, or Next to Cloud 19 Panwa and just a short Dinghy ride to the pier.   Then, don't go to a marina unless you have to.  Anchor off Yacht Haven and meet up with everyone!!!  

Krabi Downtown Marina - This is the Budget Marina - If you need a marina, and you want to be next to a small town, this is it.  Cheap (about$25 per night), but it's a dump of a marina!!!  If you are going to be there for more than 7 nights, better to pay the 5000 baht to become a member.  50% off.....  Power is expensive without the 50% off!

Krabi Boat Lagoon - This is where I am now.  We are getting the bottom completely sanded to Gel Coat, keel down to metal, 2 coats of epoxy barrier coat for the fiberglass, 2 coats of epoxy coat for the metal keel, 2 coats of epoxy primer, 3 coats of ablative antifoul.  Also, they are going to re-coat my boot stripe with Gel Coat, not paint.  Also, getting the Rub Rail re-gel-coated.  Including some other Gel Coat on the hull to make it look new.  This will all cost about $5500.  I have found this to be a nice place, but out of the way.  Cost right not is reasonable because of a 40% discount due to Covid.  About $30 per night...  

There are a few other marinas, but these are the ones that I know.

If you have any questions, let me know!  If you have whatsApp - call me +1 six one9, two18, one7Five three.

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