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Germain Jean-Pierre

Hello Gang,

I agree with you Ken.  :-)

Jean-Pierre Germain, Eleuthera, SM007, NZ

On 5 Sep 2020, at 15:34, Bryce Procter via <Balibryce@...> wrote:

Hi Ken,

From what I can gather you are still in Thailand and on possibly in Port Takola Marina Krabi.
My SM is currently laying in Pangkor Marina and I'm stuck in Perth Australia waiting for the borders to reopen. I'm planning on dropping the masts for repainting while replacing the standing rigging and electronics either in Malaysia or heading to Phuket/Krabi. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations on marinas and services in the area?


SM Seamaster ll

On Sat, Sep 5, 2020 at 11:11 AM +0800, "Ken Powers SV Aquarius" <ken@...> wrote:

In my humble opinion, I would never use an aluminum halyard hook.  The possibility of breaking more than a halyard hook is just too great.  Instead of breaking a hook, at the price of MAX $80, you could end up with a few thousand $$ in damage.  Amel had a reason for making the hook the sacrificial lamb, and this is one part I would NOT change.  I broke one, and very happy it broke and didn't take down my rig!  I left the halyard on the hook and started to furl, and most of you that broke a hook did the same.  I have never had a problem with a hook, unless I F'd up, and with everything that is going on when you are deploying or retrieving your ballooner..... "There is a possibility of making a mistake!".  So, don't change the hook material!

I ordered 3 Hooks from Maud last year, and though Amel dosen't keep them in stock, I believe you can get them in a few months.  I carry 3 aboard Aquarius.  This way if I meet a friend that needs one, I still have a spare.  That's the good things about the Amel SM...there are about 480 of us that use very similar parts.  If I have something that another Amelian needs to keep going, I am happy to help.  JP needed a filter on SM#007, and after a few beers, he talked me out if!  I think most of Amelians are the same, we help each other.  That's one of the biggest reason I like the Amel SM!

Best to All.

Ken Powers
Aquarius SM2K #262
Still in Thailand...

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