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Philippe BELLOIR

thank you sharing your expériences, ans for yourvideos too...
i see lifepo4 battery 12v 100a straight from China 350 to 500 euros. 


any opinion, experience....


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I am currently stuck in Thailand, and as many of you know Zivile and I have a YouTube channel about our circumnavigation.  Sailing Aquarius.  Over a Year ago I did a video about batteries, and the video made the case for buying LiFePO4 batteries.
I think this has a lot of good information about the LiFePO4 batteries, and the systems on a SM.

I bought the Victron AGM batteries (8x110AH 12V) 3 1/2 years ago, and they were starting to get tired.  When new I had 440AH at 24V, thus about 220AH of usable.  After 3.5 years of sailing, and using the bow thruster, and picking up the anchor all without the Genset running, my batteries were giving me about 110AH of usable power.  Every morning I was getting closer and closer to 24.6V, and hit it a few times.  

Being in Thailand, I could not expect BattleBorn to be competitive with no one in Thailand, so I started doing research.  

I am currently doing a video about the batteries I ended up with, and should release it next week.  But, I found that in Thailand I was able to get a custom made LiFePO4 battery 24V 300AH for about $1800.  I bought 2, and made them sized so that 3 will fit in the SM.  That means you could get 3 batteries for slightly more than I paid for Victron AGMs and you would have 900AH at 24V.  This was a game changer - I can run the AC with my 600AH battery pack for 3 hours a night without running the Genset.

I will release the video next week.  But this was a game changer!

Ken Powers
Aquarius SM2K 262

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