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Jose, It sounds as though you think it may be a matter of sensors giving you a false reading ,yet you said the exhaust was steaming ,was there other signs of overheating ,like antifreeze  or steam pushing past the radiator cap. To bad you don't have a infrared gun, I have two to take readings to make sure they agree . I have not read any mention of the heat exchanger, have you cleaned it ? If it is clogged your temps can be normal at low RPMs and go up quickly with an increase in the RPM. What engine do you have ? If it is a Volvo than I had a overheating issue like I just described and discovered it was a rubber ring/gasket in the H/E . You should find a previous post describing the issue in detail. If you have a Volvo and you cannot find my previous post ,let me know and I will explain about this ring and its function and how if it is missing , your temps rise with the rpms.
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Thank you for the suggestions.  I know that both thermostats are OK, they open before the water boils.  I will make the test of the sensor/gauge with boiling water to see if it is a measurement problem.  I like the idea of having a second measurement available and perhaps the infrared thermometer is the best because it can be used in other parts like the generator or the batteries.  

Craig, the thermostat does two things.  Open the outlet towards the heat exchanger and closes the pathway for recirculation.  Removing the thermostat opens the outlet to the heat exchanger but leaves the path for recirculation open.  Yes this should reduce the temperature in the sensor but may still leave the engine hotter by allowing recirculation. 
It is a good temporary solution when you have no spare thermostat. 

Unfortunately, Bonaire is full and they are not allowing any more boats.  Now is even worse since Curaçao has developed a second wave of Covid19. Onle 32 cases but   still increasing. We are awaiting for Cartagena to open but that may be more than a month away.  Still, I hope our paths will cross soon. 

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